Tier-on-Tier Shutters

Our most versatile style of shutter, this split-section offering is perfect for tall windows that require both privacy and light control.

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A little like full height shutters, our tier-on-tier product covers the full height of a window. The difference in this case is that the upper and lower panels are physically separated and work completely independently of each other. You can choose to have the top panels open and bottom closed or vice versa, have both open or both closed with slats open. Versatility is the name of game here!

Consider our different slat size offerings. We offer from 47mm up to 165mm slats, with the smaller end recommended for small windows and higher end for large ones. Therefore tier-on-tier shutters work best with the larger slats (89mm upwards) as they’re best suited to tall windows. Larger slats, when open, allow more light into a room.

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