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Plantation Shutters Installed by experts in Greater London.

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Greater London is a large urban area which, in the UK has one of the most diverse ranges of housing stock. Terraced brick houses, country cottages in pockets of the green belt, apartments and conversions – all these different types of homes have, of course, lots of different types of windows all needing different types of blinds or wooden shutters. A lot of homes in London from Enfield down to Croydon are in built up areas where people walk past, close to the windows of peoples homes.

Net curtains used to be a way that people in homes in London would gain privacy but now, thanks to plantation interior shutters, you can have privacy by tilting slats at one angle and people can’t see into your home.

As one of the oldest and most experienced companies selling shutters in the UK you can draw upon the resources of our team of expert staff who can visit you in your home to provide clear design advice to create the perfect set of custom made shutters at a discount price that we know other companies find hard to beat.

We have staff local to you who can visit to design measure and install your shutters are a price that few other companies in the UK can beat.