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Bypass or Bifold - A Solution for Everyone

Solid Shutters Exude Elegance

Traditional Simplicity

Let us be clear – when we talk about ‘solid wood shutters’ we are not referring the fact that the majority of the window treatments we make and install are made from wood. Here, the ‘solid’ we refer to is the design of the panels which instead of having adjustable blades within the structure of the panels, have a solid section.

This design of panels was very popular in homes built in the UK especially during the Victorian and Edwardian era. You may have seen these panels installed in homes where there are large sash windows (the top and bottom sections slide up and down, bypassing each other). These windows often had box sections at the side where the solid shutter panels would fold into during the day when not being used.

Solid shutters represent a small but important part of our sales. They are increasingly purchased by customers looking to restore their period homes to their former glory with these traditional shutters.

Choose the Design Right For You

Custom Made, to Suit Your Style

We have designed 2 types of solid option to choose from, attempting to create as accurately as possible a design that is true to the style installed in homes in the 19th and early 20th century.

The raised design speaks for itself. This sees the middle section being more decorative with a raised, moulded section. This was often installed in fancier homes  – it was more expensive to create and therefore was seen as a sign of wealth. Having the panels with the raised design (where the rear of the panels also featured the raised section) was seen as a way of showing your neighbours that you were doing well!

The alternative is the simpler shaker design. This has the middle section being a flat, solid section. It is stylish and well suited to more contemporary homes and looks great in a cool off white paint.

You can order both our solid and louvered options easily. Our local Consultant will visit and offer no hassle, no obligation advice as to which design options work best for your home. Take a look in our gallery for inspiration on our products and get in touch if you would like a quote for how much our wooden shutters cost designed and installed especially for your home.