Budget Shutters from MDF

The same type of shutters as installed in homes in the 19th and early 20th century.

A Window Treatment I Should Consider?

As the popularity of interior window shutters has continued to rise, so too has the array of materials to choose from. Basswood, cedar, elm and poplar are some of the wood types you will find available but there are also a number of unusual sounding tropical woods used as well.

However, for the more budget conscious, MDF shutters have grown in popularity in the UK.

The appeal of shutters made from MDF is that they are affordable and have a similar look, from a distance, as wood. Of course, MDF can never have the same feel and look close up as wood, but investing in a good quality MDF product can create a great look for your home.

As with all things in life, it’s important to ensure you buy a good quality MDF product. There have been poor quality products offered for sale in the UK over the past few years as inexperienced importers try to be enter the market with an ‘ultra’ cheap product made of substandard MDF material.

MDF and Wood
Strength and Stability at an Affordable Price
OK – so let us be clear. If you ask us to make a recommendation, between a wood product and MDF we would side with wood almost every time. It is durable, sustainable, looks stunning and thanks to the techniques we use in manufacture is extremely low maintenance.

A panel made 100% from MDF is, in our opinion, not ideal. It’s very heavy and the ‘plastic wrap’ technique some companies use to ‘paint’ the product does not always look great.

However a new hybrid product offers a middle road – a shutter using a combination of wood and MDF that we have developed. This allows us to sell this window treatment as an entry level product, without compromising quality. Wood is used in the essential strength bearing sections of the panels while MDF is used in ‘non-essential’ areas. Available in a choice of 4 of the most popular whites and 2 louver options, this gives the ability to take your first step onto the shutter ladder at a price comfortable for your budget.