Arched Window Shutters

Curtains & Blinds on Arches Don't Work - but shutters do!

How to Dress Arched Windows?

Curtains & Blinds on Arches Don’t Work – but shutters do!

Take a look at that feature window in your home. Is it an arched window? A porthole window? A window with a triangle? Whatever specialty shape your window has, we’re sure that it was a real ‘wow’ factor for you when you first looked at your home!

What treatment is on there now? Curtains? Venetian blinds? Nothing at all?  Plantation shutters fit the bill perfectly.

The problem with shaped windows like arch top windows is that they are hard to dress. The vast majority of window treatments are rectangular by their nature. Curtains for arched windows are normally placed outside any recess area. Blinds – exactly the same. You are therefore covering over this great shape with a rectangular window treatment and therefore loosing the whole unique feature of the window.

Shutters for Arch Windows

Finally, a Window Dressing to Show My Feature Window

Custom made shutters are the ideal solution for specially shaped windows. We make all our shutters to the millimetre – made to fit exactly your window. (click here to see if we cover your location) Arched windows are no different. We will measure your window exactly, often taking an exact template of the arch to enable us to make your plantation wood shutters to fit the precise shape of the window.

Different frame types can be selected to give a perfect finish. Our Consultants will be able to advise you as to which design will work best with your particular window. Also, it can make a difference which design works best for your home, depending upon how you wish to use your window and if you intend opening the panels back from the window on a regular basis. Whichever you choose, shutters on special shaped windows accentuate the design and really bring shapes to life.