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Types of Shutters

If you’re new to the world of interior shutters, it can be a little overwhelming trying to understand all the different options available. As with all things to do with this window treatment, we try to demystify the buzzwords and terminology and make things as simple as possible to understand.

This section talks about the different terms given to panel configurations. You can order your panels to cover the whole window, half the window or have them divided to enable you to open the upper panels separately from the bottom.

Designing your ideal treatment is something we take very seriously. That’s why we encourage you to take a few moments to go through the information on the website, but also to call or email us to discuss any questions you have.

Remember – our company and our Consultants are among the most knowledgeable and experienced in the UK. Unsure to go with full height or tier on tier? Our team will offer honest, no nonsense advice with no hassle and no pressure. They will give you different options and considerations, all with the aim of helping you decide the best design for your home.

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