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Simple, Stylish Half Shutters (cafe style)

A Window Covering With Privacy in Mind

Half height or cafe style wooden shutters

Take a look at your windows. Think about what you want them to do. Strange question we know!

However - stick with us a minute. At night you want the room dark and you want to stop prying eyes looking into your home. So, you buy curtains you can close over - perfect!

However, what happens in the daytime when you pull back the curtains? Your room is completely exposed and you have no privacy when people walk past and peer in your windows.

"Not so fast" I hear you say! I have net curtains on my windows so nobody can see in!

Well, that’s great we say. However, just as they can’t see in, you can’t see out. Sure, there’s some light coming into the room, but it’s kind of like trying to look through a cloud – don’t you think? You know something is on the other side, but it’s grey and murky and you’re not quite sure what’s through that opaque fabric...that's where half height shutters come in.

A Clearer View than Window Film or Nets

Cafe Style, a Perfect Design Choice

Here's how it works...

  • Half shutters cover the lower section of the window only
  • You can leave the panels closed the majority of the time
  • Tilt the shutter blades at a 45 degree angle
  • Passers-by can’t see though the blades and your room is private
  • This works perfectly for customers wanting to keep curtains, which can be closed over at night to make the room feel cosy.

As with all options we can design your panels to be of a size which will fold back of the window easily. All installations will have the ability for the panels to open back but going with narrower panels works better if you think you will pull open the shutter panels a lot of the time. This would mean the panels can bifold onto each other and concertina or stack onto each other, at the side. Take a look in our online gallery for ideas and inspiration.