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Covering the whole window with full height shutters

A commonly asked question from people making the transition from say regular venetian blinds or curtains, to buying window shutters is whether or not they can retain their curtains when they have shutters.

While there is no decisive answer or advice we can offer on this website (as every home and customer is different), the simple answer is yes -  you can have both. There is no reason not to have 2 window treatments. While most people when they have their indoor shutters installed decide they don’t want to have drapes, some customers opt to retain them.

Café style would be the most common design where customers opt to also have curtains and shutters. However, full height shutters are typically installed in houses where the customer does not wish to retain another window covering. Therefore, it would not be typical for us to install our window covering and for the customer to opt to have their curtains remain in place.

So - what does 'full height' mean and what benefits will this design give you?

Full Height Flexibility

Think How Often You Will Actually Open Your Panels

If you’re new to the world of shutters and you’re ‘shopping around’ online looking for more information, one key piece of advice we offer is...

How often will you actually open your panels?

This is the starting point to achieving a successful design

Why do we discuss this on this page talking about full height shutters?

Well, people think that if they order full height panels, they will not be able to open them. This is not true as we can design your installation with multiple, bi-folding panels to open completely off the window. Or, more typically, customers find that in reality they seldom open back the panels and instead tilt the louvers to control light into the room.

A full height design is often less fussy (with less solid pieces of wood dissecting the glazing on the window), lets in more light and makes the window and space feel more open.

All designs are still undertaking allowing the panels to open. You can still swing back the panels to access the window if you want to open it or to clean it.

We can still design your panels to have louvers that tilt independently and will advise you on the optimum sized slat to choose for your window.

Utterly good advice for your shutters from the UK’s leading Installation Company.